Drawing interests me since my childhood, by today it became part of my everyday life. I have been dealing with tattooing since 1994. As many other tattooers, I also started my carrier in the army. Then I continued at home with my friends, I would like to thank for their courage to risk their skins, trusting in success hereby, also. I was part of the team of the Hardline Studio in Szeged, Bólyai street from 1998 to 2003. We started the studio together with István Pásztor (Maci) piercer and Bertalan Győri (Berci) tattooist. We learned a lot from each other, inspired the others and tried to approach the wishes of our guests from the artistic side, to develop our techniques and knowledge in drawing gradually. When 2003 came, I quited this team: we made the Divja-Szparsa Tattoo and Piercing Studio with my best friend, Gábor Tasnádi.

The point is, that I like tattooing very much. My creations born through drawing and painting are mirrors of my inner world, my thoughts and my feelings. I like when my guests give as much freedom in creation as possible. Before tattooing, we talk through all details with my guests, we discuss everything according to the sketches made: what is placed on which part of the body, what kind of colors we are going to use and how the tattoo is going to be built up step by step. It is important for a pattern looking good on the body to follow its anatomical settings: this is the first thing, therefore, that I consider when making the drawings. For wishes of our guests are varied, we make personal drawings for everyone in the given style.

As if an invisible bubble was covering during the moments of creating: nothing remains but some kind of good music, the guest and me, the tattooer in the mood of tattooing. This all is what I am, my past and my present taking effect on my future, where I tend to go, where I am, the art is visual communication, a way of expression, our openness helps us to get closer, watercolor, graphite, oil – the colors are alive, their use is much fun for me, to draw at night when everything is silent, to ice-skate, to read a lot, ideas are born, then they change or they just simply disappear and new ones come up, and this all happens to me right now... I tattoo now, I try to express myself... gently, wildly... with faith, with love.



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